Support public service workers! Oppose HB 523, SB 292, HB 571, HB 572, HB 712, SB 263 and SB 264

These bills hurt Louisiana’s public service workers and Louisianians as a whole. This legislation threatens to impose unnecessary recertification elections on our unions, place unfair obstacles on dues collection, and strip our right to negotiate a contract with our employer. These bills are an attack on our ability to speak up on the vital services we provide and, as a result, risk the quality of Louisiana’s public services that support our communities. 

  • Public service workers strengthen our communities. Teachers negotiate for smaller class sizes so our children have a better learning environment. Nurses negotiate for better patient-to-staff ratios that keep us all healthy. Municipal workers bargain for the equipment they need to keep us all safe.
  • Singling out and attacking our freedoms will only exasperate the chronic shortage in public service workers and weaken our communities. It will make it harder for our state and local government agencies to serve the people.
  • These bills are unnecessary. Louisiana’s workers NEVER have to join their union. It is anyone’s choice, and we can cancel our membership at any time. Legislation requiring the state to certify every union member yearly, puts obstacles on dues collection, or to not allow collective bargaining, violates our freedoms and wastes taxpayer money.
  • These bills are in opposition to our state’s values. Fairness is an essential value for Louisianians. If the Boy Scouts can hold meetings in public buildings, so too should a hardworking plumber. If the time and space are available to hold a bake sale to support an organization, a compliance enforcement officer should have the same freedom of access for their organization. And a sanitation worker should have the freedom to deduct money from their paycheck to the organization they choose.

Stand with Louisiana’s public service workers and communities. Oppose HB 523, SB 292, HB 571, HB 572, HB 712, SB 263 and SB 264.