How Did Your Representative Vote on State Employee Pay Raises? - June 14

When the regular session of the Louisiana state legislature started this spring, Governor Edwards wanted legislators to find the money to limit cuts to services, and also to give state employees a long-delayed raise. At that time, a majority of the state House were opposed to any raise for state employees, and wanted only more cuts to public services.

AFSCME members sprang into action alongside our allies, calling for adequate funding for public services and a raise for state employees. By the time the state House voted to approve the final budget on June 14, there was a majority to prevent some of the worst cuts -- and also to grant a 2% raise to all state employees, effective January 1, 2018. It was the first across-the-board raise for all state employees in years. In addition to the across-the-board raise, there was funding for the new pay plan that will bring up the minimum pay for hundreds of job classifications, giving an additional raise to thousands of state employees on January 2, 2018.

This was an example of how we can make a positive difference at the State Capitol in Baton Rouge by speaking with one voice. Even more state employees will need to unite to make sure there are no cuts to public services next year, and to fund regular raises for state employees.

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